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Studio Grab is an independent business that knows the importance and the solutions required to help other local businesses in Erie, Pennsylvania. It's not necessary to seek out a large web design company that may not know you personally. Patrick Grab will come to you, get to know your business, and build your website with ease. Learn more »


Studio Grab addresses a key niche in the local marketplace: small businesses with limited budgets. Many small businesses have either no web presence or an older, out-dated website. The work of an experienced and independent entrepreneur has many advantages, the biggest and most important being affordability. Learn more »

artistic design

Too often you find websites that are distracting and difficult to navigate. Studio Grab uses an "Apple" like philosophy creating websites that are simple, stunning, and brilliant. Patrick applies his years of extensive artistic development towards creating beautiful, visually pleasing, and simple to navigate websites. Learn more »


check out the portfolio

Studio Grab's portfolio is growing and so are the capabilites. Browse around to see the different options and to get a feel for what your website may need. The most recent sites are the most dynamic work yet. New technology allows the sites to work across all platforms, including all smartphones and tablets. View the portfolio »


learn about the services

Whether you need a simple update to your site or a brand new one, you will find Studio Grab to be affordable and easy to work with. Patrick can help you through all phases of a website, including the design and development, photos, graphics, logos, domain hosting, email addresses, web support, and much more. Learn more »


personal technical support

Here there are no standard business hours, which allows for support any time you may need it. It also means that it is typically easier to meet important deadlines faster then the competition. Studio Grab doesn't just close at 5 o'clock. This unmatched, personal support is sure to make your life easier. Learn more »